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Mobility Aids - What You Need to Know


Updated May 30, 2014

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Before You Buy a Wheelchair
Mobility Aids - What You Need to Know
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There are many people who proudly state that they will "never end up in a wheelchair." If they don't say it, they think it. However, if you have disabling pain and severe mobility limitations, a wheelchair may open your world and allow you to regain independence.

People who are wheelchair-users typically spend a lot of time in their wheelchair, so sizing and comfort are major factors to consider before you buy. Be sure you know the seat width that is right for you, and consider buying a wheelchair cushion to make it as comfortable as can be. If you are purchasing a manual wheelchair, do you have someone who will push you in it? Are there times when you can use it without the assistance of another person? Think of your needs and think about how well a wheelchair will serve those needs. Also, make sure your wheelchair is of reasonably, high quality -- they tend to take a beating. Here are Top Wheelchairs for you to consider.

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