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Assistive devices, adaptive equipment, and mobility aids help overcome pain and physical limitations caused by arthritis. You will wonder how you did without some of the available products.
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MagicOpener Works Like Magic for People With Arthritis
Many people with arthritis, especially of the hands, struggle to open water bottles and pop the lid on cans. The MagicOpener makes it effortless.

Most Arthritis-Unfriendly Products
People with arthritis find some products difficult to use. Arthritis-unfriendly products can make joint pain worse.

10 Cooking Tips for People With Arthritis
Cooking can be difficult for people with arthritis who live with physical limitations, pain, and fatigue. These 10 cooking tips can help you make the task more manageable.

Ankle Braces
Ankle braces can support, stabilize, and limit range-of-motion of the ankle joint.

Ankle Supports
Arthritic, weak, or injured ankles can benefit from additional support.

Arthritis Affects Daily Living Activities
Physical limitations caused by arthritis make daily living activities more difficult and challenging.

Arthritis Aids Help You Go From Sit to Stand
Getting from sit to stand is something most people don't think twice about. If you have arthritis though, you likely know how that simple motion is made difficult.

Arthritis-Friendly Can Openers
An easy-to-use can opener is valuable to an arthritis patient.

Arthritis-Friendly Garden Tools
Ergonomic garden tools help you maintain your favorite outdoor hobby with ease and maximum joint protection.

Top 10 Arthritis-Friendly Gifts
What do you get as a gift for a person with arthritis?

Arthritis-Friendly Household Cleaning Products
Housecleaning tasks are difficult for people with arthritis who have limited range of motion and who must conserve their energy.

Top 7 Arthritis-Friendly Kitchen Gadgets / Kitchen Tools
Working in the kitchen can be difficult for someone with arthritis. Arthritis-friendly kitchen gadgets and tools help.

Assistive Devices for Arthritis
Assistive devices compensate for physical limitations related to arthritis.

Back Supports
Proper posture can relieve strain on back muscles. Back supports help with pain relief and support.

Bathtub Transfer Benches
Getting into the shower can be an enormous problem for people with physical limitations. Mobility problems can often be overcome with the use of a bathtub transfer bench.

Before You Buy Arthritis-Friendly Garden Tools
Many people with arthritis are forced to give up activities because of physical limitations. With specially designed tools, gardening is one hobby which arthritis sufferers can continue to enjoy.

Canes come in many styles and designs but the function is the same - to add support and improve balance when walking.

Clorox BathWand
People with arthritis find housework less difficult when using cleaning tools specifically designed to be easy to use and clean faster.

Do You Own a Mobility Scooter?
Do you use a mobility scooter? It's important to choose the model of mobility scooter with features designed for maximum comfort, ease of use, and the one that suits you best to help you regain independence. Review the mobility scooter you own. See submissions

Do You Use Joint Protection Techniques?
You can lessen arthritis pain and preserve your joints by following joint protection techniques and principles.

Door Knob Grippers
It's an easy task made difficult for people with arthritis in their hands - opening door knobs. Arthritis aids compensate for lack of grip strength.

Dr. Grip Pens
Dr. Grip Pens are designed to make writing more comfortable even with arthritis.

E-Readers Convenient for People With Arthritis
E-Readers are a great solution for people with arthritis who love to read but find it difficult to hold and carry books -- or fumble with page turning. E-readers make reading enjoyable again by providing some relief for painful joints.

Elbow Supports
Elbow supports can lessen pain and provide stability for the joint.

Electric Scooters
Scooters make up for impaired mobility. Arthritis of the hip, knee, foot, ankle, or spine can make walking very difficult. Back problems also interfere with mobility. Have you considered an electric scooter to compensate for mobility problems?

Electric Toothbrushes
An electric toothbrush can make dental care much easier for people with arthritis and dexterity problems.

Electric Wheelchairs
Electric wheelchairs made accessibility and independence easier for wheelchair users.

Ergonomic Garden Supplies
Gardening is a soothing hobby for people with arthritis. Ergonomic, arthritis-friendly garden supplies help make gardening enjoyable. Easy-to-use garden supplies reduce strain on arthritic joints.

Ergonomic Pens, Pencils, Markers
Take the stress and fatigue out of writing with these ergonomically designed pens, pencils, and markers.

Ergonomic Review: Ergo Sof Penagain
A complete ergonomic review of the Ergo Sof Penagain. The Penagain takes a novel ergonomic approach to ink pen design. The body of the pen is shaped like a "Y" creating a cradle for the index finger to rest in.

EzGrip Pen And Grips
The EzGrip Pen is designed so that minimal pressure needs to be applied. Writing seems effortless, making this writing instrument valuable for people with arthritis of the hands.

FDA Approves Stair-Climbing Wheelchair
The U.S. FDA approved a battery-powered stair-climbing wheelchair on August 13, 2003. The new wheelchair, called the INDEPENDENCE iBOT 3000 Mobility System, relies on a computerized system of sensors, gyroscopes, and electric motors to allow for indoor/outdoor use on stairs, and also on level and uneven surfaces.

Foot Spa/Baths
A luxurious soak in a warm foot spa/bath helps relieve aches and pains. Great for arthritics!

Foot Supports - Foot Insoles And Cushions
Walking can aggravate painful arthritis in the feet. Insoles and cushions for the feet can offer additional support and provide comfort.

Foot Warmers for Arthritis Patients
Whoever invented foot warmers was a genius. Just ask any person with arthritis in their lower extremities -- especially their feet. There are different designs and various ways to use the products, but all foot warmers have a common goal -- your comfort.

Gas Cap Wrenches / Gas Cap Turners
If you have hand arthritis, opening the gas cap on your car can be difficult. A gas cap wrench makes it easier.

Grab Bars Create a Safe Bathroom Environment
Everyone should be careful when they get in and out of a shower or bathtub. People with arthritis are dealing with limited range of motion, pain, and weakness -- so safety is a concern. Grab bars can improve bathroom safety. If you have grab bars, suffice to say, you have made improvements and created a safe environment. If you don't, consider...

Help! I Can't Get Up
Assistive devices can compensate for the fact that arthritis interferes with basic human needs.

Hot / Cold Gel Packs
Reusable gel packs for heat or cold therapy, used to reduce arthritis pain and muscles aches, are convenient products to have in your house.

How to choose and use a cane
A list of tips to help you choose the right cane.

How to protect your joints
Advice about good body mechanics and assistive equipment to help you avoid further damage to your joints.

Jar Opener - Bottle and Can Opener
A jar opener is a useful assistive device, especially for people with hand arthritis.

Knee Supports
Stabilizing and reinforcing the knee joint is essential for people with arthritis of the knee. Knee supports help with stability.

Lift Chairs
People with arthritis and limited mobility can have much difficulty getting up from a chair. Specially designed power lift chairs solve the problem.

Medical Alert Bracelets / Medic Alert Bracelets
Medical (medic) alert bracelets immediately notify emergency personnel of your medical needs.

When Are Pools, Spas and Other Home Improvements Tax Deductible?
The expense of some major home improvements (such as: pools, spas, elevators, lifts, ramps, etc.) "may" be tax deductible as medical expenses. How do you determine your medical expenses, if any, for the amounts you pay for these types of improvements or the special equipment you have installed in your home?

Mobility Affected by Arthritis - Mobility
Arthritis pain and stiffness can affect your mobility. How much has your mobility been affected by arthritis?

Mobility Aids - What You Need to Know
There are many mobility aids available. It's important to know how to pick the right cane, walker, wheelchair or other mobility aid that can help give you the stability you need. Here's what you should know before you buy a mobility aid.

Mobility Scooters
Mobility scooters make up for disability. Arthritis of the hip, knee, foot, ankle, or spine can make walking very difficult. Back problems also interfere with mobility. Have you considered a mobility scooter to help you get around?

Moist / Dry Heating Pads
Heating pads soothe painful, aching arthritic joints. Dry heat, moist heat, or microwaveable wraps offer relief.

Occupational Therapy - Making Life Easier
An evaluation by an occupational therapist can help assess the limitations caused by arthritis and the need for adaptation to make life easier.

Top 4 Paraffin Baths
Soothe away arthritis aches and pains by immersing joints in a paraffin bath.

Paraffin Wax Poisoning
What to do with poisoning from ingestion of paraffin wax, found in some arthritis bath/spa treatments.

Picking the Best Pen
Picking a comfortable pen makes writing an arthritis-friendly task.

Pill Boxes - Pill Box Reminders
For people who take medications on a regular basis, a pill box or pill reminder is a useful item. Pill boxes are easy to take along, no matter where you go, and keep you on your medication schedule. Pill boxes are organized daily, weekly, or monthly. Some pill boxes lock or have timers. Some are even made to look like jewelry.

Pools and Pool Equipment
Water therapy is a great way to exercise for people with arthritis. Take a look at pools and pool equipment.

Raised Toilet Seats
Raised toilet seats help people with physical limitations.

Reachers assist people with limited range of motion from arthritis.

Shower Chairs
Shower chairs are assistive equipment which adds safety to your shower setup.

Stair Lifts
Stair lifts are designed to help people who cannot climb stairs.

The Palm Pistol Compensates for Arthritic Hands
The Palm Pistol is a single-shot handgun that was designed for people with medical conditions, such as arthritis, that can affect manual dexterity and hand strength. With the Palm Pistol, you push a button rather than pull a trigger to fire the gun.

Buying Medical Products Online
Buy medical products online only after doing sufficient research and knowing if the company is reputable.

Walkers - Rolling Walkers
Walkers are mobility aids which offer additional support to compensate for lost strength, helping people with arthritis remain active.

What Is a TENS Unit?
Using electrical impulses, a TENS unit blocks pain signals.

Wheelchair Lifts
Wheelchair lifts help transport wheelchairs.

Wheelchair Ramps
Wheelchair ramps allow people who use wheelchairs accessibility to places with steps or steep thresholds.

Wheelchairs are mobility aids which give a person back some of their independence. There are many kinds from which to choose.

Wrist Supports
Wrist splints, wraps, and stabilizers offer support for injured or arthritic wrist joints.

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