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Arthritis Symptoms - Arthritis Diagnosis

Certain signs and symptoms are common to most types of arthritis. It's important to recognize early signs and symptoms of arthritis and to consult with a doctor for diagnosis and treatment.
  1. Arthritis Diagnosis (58)
  2. Arthritis Signs and Symptoms (35)
  3. Bone Loss / Bone Density
  4. Bone Pain / Tenderness
  5. Cold Hands / Cold Feet
  6. Depression and Anxiety (23)
  7. Dry Eyes / Dry Mouth
  8. Emotions of Arthritis
  9. Fatigue / Chronic Fatigue (25)
  10. Flu Prevention Measures
  11. Inflammation (21)
  12. Irritable Bowel Problems
  13. Joint Hypermobility
  14. Joint Pain
  15. Mortality
  16. Nodules
  17. Pain Relief Information
  18. Pregnancy and Arthritis
  19. Sleeping Problems (29)
  20. Sports Injury and Arthritis
  21. Stress Management (29)
  22. Suicide / Suicidal Feelings (23)
  23. Weather Pains / Climate (11)
  24. Where Does It Hurt? (35)

How to Prevent an Arthritis Flare Up
A few common sense actions may help you avoid arthritis flare ups.

What Is Vectra DA?
Vectra DA is a new multi-biomarker blood test that measures disease activity in rheumatoid arthritis.

Anti-CCP - What is anti-CCP?
Anti-CCP is a diagnostic test for rheumatoid arthritis.

Recognizing Early Arthritis Symptoms
Early arthritis symptoms can be vague and confusing. It's important to discuss symptoms with your doctor.

Arthritis Screening Quiz
Are you having arthritis symptoms? Take our screening quiz.

How to Recognize the Signs and Symptoms of Arthritis
Because there are over 100 different types of arthritis, symptoms of the disease can vary, but certain signs point to the disease.

How To Recognize the Signs and Symptoms of Fibromyalgia
The symptoms of fibromyalgia can overlap with autoimmune diseases and other musculoskeletal conditions making it difficult to diagnose.

Is There an Arthritis Cure?
As soon as someone is diagnosed with arthritis, they want to know if there is a cure. Is there a cure for arthritis?

What is an Arthritis Flare?
Arthritis patients may experience a flare-up of symptoms. An arthritis flare can be very painful and disruptive to usual activities.

What Is an Arthritis Remission?
An arthritis remission is when clinical symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis subside for a period of time.

Is Arthritis Contagious?
If you have arthritis, should people around you be concerned? Is arthritis contagious?

What Is Joint Effusion?
Joint effusion is the abnormal build-up of fluid in a joint.

Arthritis Pain Explained
Chronic arthritis can last a lifetime. Learn how to manage the disease.

Oral Health Should Not Be Neglected by Arthritis Patients
Oral health is important for everyone. Arthritis patients and others with mobility problems should not neglect taking care of oral health.

Joint Deformity Related to Arthritis
Joint deformity can occur with certain types of arthritis, especially rheumatoid arthritis. Are you bugged by your joint deformity? Has it affected your self-esteem?

What Is Crepitus?
Crepitus is a clinical symptom associated with arthritis. Crepitus is characterized by a cracking sound or sensation, often around the affected joint.

Is Anemia Commonly Linked With Chronic Arthritis?
Anemia may be associated with chronic arthritis.

Rheumatologic Emergency
Arthritis is typically a chronic condition but there are acute situations that can create an emergency. Learn about rheumatologic emergency and...

Edema - What are causes of intermittent edema in RA?
Intermittent edema in the ankles and calves can be an associated symptom of RA.

Hearing Loss - Can Arthritis Cause Hearing Loss?
Some people with arthritis complain of ear problems or hearing loss. Is there a connection between arthritis and hearing loss?

Arthritis And Hoarseness Or Changing Voice
Hoarseness or voice change can be related to arthritis.

What Are Osteophytes?
Osteophytes are bony protrusions commonly seen in arthritic joints.

Which Rheumatic Diseases Are Associated With Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension?
Pulmonary arterial hypertension is a serious condition for which there are treatments but no cure. Secondary pulmonary arterial hypertension can be caused by or occurs because of another secondary condition. Which rheumatic diseases are associated with pulmonary hypertension?

Inflammation - Test Your Knowledge
Inflammation is a process associated with many diseases, including arthritis. Do you know what is happening as inflammation occurs? Do you know why inflammation occurs?

What Is Inflammation?
Inflammation is the natural defense of the body to protect against foreign invaders.

Dry Mouth - Guide to Dry Mouth
Dry mouth can be a sign of certain diseases and conditions such as Sjogren's syndrome. Dry mouth is not a normal part of aging. Dry mouth is more than uncomfortable, it can lead to serious health problems.

Dry Eyes - What You Should Know
Keratitis sicca, popularly known as dry eyes, may be linked to certain autoimmune diseases.

Conquering Depression
Chronic illness affects both mind and body. Depression has been linked to arthritis.

Lymphedema vs. Edema - What Is The Correlation With Rheumatoid Arthritis?
An explanation of the differences between lymphedema and edema.

I'm Tired Of Being Tired
The most prevalent complaint among sufferers of inflammatory arthritis concerns their level of fatigue and its intrusiveness into daily living.

Arthritis Patients Need More ZZZZZ's
Disrupted sleep is an often overlooked problem associated with arthritis.

Diagnostic Test For Lupus
Scientists have developed a new diagnostic test for lupus which will improve detection of the autoimmune disease.

Blood Tests for Arthritis
Blood tests for arthritis help confirm the diagnosis and track disease activity.

POLL: Rheumatoid Factor - Are you seronegative or seropositive?
80% of adults with rheumatoid arthritis test positive for rheumatoid factor (seropositive). What was your result?

What Is Rheumatoid Factor?
Rheumatoid arthritis patients with a positive rheumatoid factor test are classified as seropositive.

What Is CRP (C-Reactive Protein)?
As a blood test, CRP is an indicator of acute inflammation.

iPhone Apps for Arthritis
There are iPhone apps for arthritis that help you track pain, symptoms, and measure disease activity.

Apps for Arthritis - Apps
Apps is the term that has now become hugely popular, especially among users of the iPhone, iPad, or other smart phones. Searching for apps is an experience. Were you surprised to find apps for arthritis? Tell us what apps for arthritis you have found -- the good, the bad, and the ugly.

10 Basic Facts Most People Don't Know About Arthritis
Most people don't learn about arthritis until they are diagnosed. Here are the basics.

What Is Rheumatoid Lung Disease?
Lung abnormalities are not uncommon in rheumatoid arthritis.

Arthritis - 10 Things You Should Know
No more misinformation! Hhere are 10 facts you should know about arthritis.

"I Think I Have Arthritis. Now What?"
When the first signs and symptoms of arthritis appear, confusion and questions arise.

Comorbid condition - What is a comorbid condition?
What is a comorbid condition? Do most people with arthritis have a comorbid condition? Does it make them harder to treat?

Did You Know?
An attack of arthritis led to the Boston Tea Party and the independence of the American colonies. Plus, 27 other little known facts about arthritis.

Arthritis is defined as inflammation of the joints, but there are over 100 conditions classified as types of arthritis.

Acronyms for Arthritis Tests, Treatments, and Surgical Procedures
Common acronyms for tests, treatments, and surgical procedures that are related to arthritis.

Acronyms for Arthritis Conditions
A reference for arthritis-related acronyms.

Amyloidosis - Rare Condition Secondary to Chronic Inflammatory Diseases
Amyloidosis is a rare but potentially fatal condition. It can be a primary condition or can occur secondary to other rheumatic conditions

What Causes And Heals Mouth Sores In Arthritis Patients?
Mouth sores sometimes develop in people with arthritis.

Scleritis is an inflammation of the sclera (the white outer wall of the eye). Inflammation of the sclera can be associated with rheumatoid arthritis and systemic lupus erythematosis. Sometimes the cause is unknown.

Cardiac tamponade
Compression of the heart caused by blood or fluid accumulation in the space between the myocardium (the muscle of the heart) and the pericardium (the outer covering sac of the heart).

Buffalo hump - Hump behind the shoulders
A lump of fat on the back of the neck(cervicodorsal) called a buffalo hump by itself is not a sign of any one, specific condition. It must be considered in light of other symptoms and test results. Common causes include extended use of some steroids (glucocorticoids such as prednisone, cortisone, and hydrocortisone) and hypercortisolism (caused by Cushing's syndrome).

What is CREST syndrome?
The symptoms involved in CREST syndrome are associated with the generalized form of the disease Systemic sclerosis (Scleroderma). CREST is an acronym for the clinical features that are seen in a patient with this disease.

What is Pericarditis?
Pericarditis is a disorder caused by inflammation of the pericardium, which is the sac-like covering of the heart. Pericarditis can be associated with systemic diseases such as autoimmune disorders and rheumatic fever.

What is Weakness?
Weakness may be subjective (the person feels weak, but has no measurable loss of strength) or objective (measurable loss of strength as noted in a physical exam). Weakness may be generalized (total body weakness) or localized to a specific area, side of the body, limb, or muscle.

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