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Arthritis Clothing

Arthritis clothing includes items that are easy to put on and take off. Buttons, shoelaces, and zippers can be difficult for people who have physical limitations caused by arthritis. Most well-designed items of arthritis clothing include velcro closures.

Fashion and Arthritis
Arthritis can change a lot about you, including your fashion sense and personal style.

Skechers Go Walk - Great Shoe for People With Arthritis
Skechers Go Walk shoes are extremely comfortable. People with arthritis should read my review.

Review of Orthaheel Shoes
Orthaheel shoes are healthy for your feet. With built-in orthotics that correct pronation, you might think there is no chance they would be fashionable. But, you would be wrong.

Toning Shoes - A Good Fit for People With Arthritis?
Toning shoes are the rage in footwear but they may not be an appropriate choice for people with arthritis.

Comfortable Shoes for People With Arthritis
When joints hurt in your lower extremities, comfortable shoes can be soothing. Have you found comfortable shoes that ease foot pain from arthritis? See submissions

Velcro Shoes for Men
People with arthritis look for shoes that are easy to put on and take off. There are velcro shoes designed for men as well as women.

Velcro Shoes for Women
Velcro shoes are easy to put on and take off. That's important for people who have physical limitations that make it hard to bend or reach their feet. Velcro shoes are no longer just ugly orthopedic shoes.

What Is an Arthritis Bra?
Women with arthritis may have difficulty putting on a bra. There are arthritis bras designed to make it easier.

Arthritis Gloves Reduce Hand Pain and Swelling
Arthritis gloves have been designed to warm the hands and decrease swelling and stiffness through mild compression. Arthritis gloves can be worn all day and all night.

What Is a Sock Aid?
Joint pain and limited range of motion can make it very difficult if not impossible to put socks on. But there are assistive devices, like a sock aid, that can help. What is a sock aid? Where can you get a sock aid?

Dressing Aids for Arthritis Patients
Dressing aids are useful tools that help compensate for limited range of motion. It can be difficult to bend and reach to put on shirts, pants, socks, and shoes when you have joint pain caused by arthritis. Dressing aids include dressing sticks, sock aids, hip kits and more. Here are some for you to consider. You will likely wonder how you...

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