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Ankle Supports

Supports Add Stability to the Joint


Updated June 27, 2014

Ankle supports can brace, stabilize, and limit range-of-motion of the ankle joint. Ankle supports provide joint protection to people with arthritic, weak, or injured ankles. Some people use ankle supports during physical activity to help prevent injury to the ankle. Ankle supports, braces, and wraps are readily available. There are different designs, materials, colors, and closures. Find the best fit for you and support your ankle.

1. FUTURO Sport Ankle Support

Futuro is a reputable brand. The ankle support offers joint protection and stability to injured or arthritic ankles.
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2. Aircast Ankle Training Brace Left/Training

Pumped up with air, an aircast applies gentle pressure to the ankle for added support. No rough, irritating materials. (Right also available)
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3. Bauerfeind Ankle Support

The support reinforces the ankle and reduces strain. Compression increases circulation and energizes muscles.
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4. Mueller Soft Ankle Brace

Lightweight, strapped ankle brace provides tape-like support without the hassle or expense of taping.
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5. Cramer Active Ankle Supports

Cramer Active Ankle Supports offer mild to moderate ankle support with non-stretch straps that lock-in the heel, imitating the effects of taping.
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6. Tru-Fit Wrap Around Ankle Support

Adjustable ankle support. Equal support and heat retention to the medial and lateral sides of the ankle. Excellent choice.
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7. ACE Ankle Support

ACE is a neoprene support for the ankle with side stabilizers for extra bracing.
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8. McDavid Ankle Supports

McDavid features lightweight, laced ankle supports, some with fully adjustable figure 8 straps that work like athletic tape.
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