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Top 10 Ankle Braces


Updated June 15, 2007

Ankle braces can support, stabilize, and limit range-of-motion of the ankle joint.

Ankle braces are used to immobilize injured ankles, or provide joint protection to people who are prone to ankle injuries. Others use ankle braces during physical activity to help prevent sports injury of the ankle.

1. McDavid Ankle Support with Strap

Neoprene ankle support. Easily pulls on. Nylon facing on both sides. Velcro straps for added compression.
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2. McDavid Lightweight Laced Ankle Brace

Lightweight laced ankle brace has two layers of vinyl-nylon fabric and springs steel stays. Fits either foot.
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3. Mueller Adjustable Neoprene Ankle Support

Adjustable ankle support gives added stability.
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4. Sport Hinged Ankle Brace By FlexLite

The FlexLite Sport Articulating Ankle Brace provides ankle stability to weak or injured ankles. Makes a great preventative brace during activity to help reduce the chance of sprains or strains.
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5. Futoro Ankle Braces

Futoro ankle braces are designed to support the weak and sore muscles around the ankle joint and arch.
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6. Aircast Ankle Braces

Aircast ankle braces offer unique design. Adjustable heel pads for better fit. Provides both ankle support and graduated compression to promote efficient reduction of edema.
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7. TruFit Ankle Wrap Each

Made of a neoprene blend. Wrap provides compression and heat retention to help relieve ankle pain.
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8. HoMedics Thera P Magnetic Ankle Wrap, with Hot/Cold Gel Pack, 1 ea

Ankle wrap has magnets and also a hot/cold gel pack for added relief.
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9. Royce Speed Ankle Brace

Ankle brace with Exform technology to quickly and easily stabilize weak ankles. A hard plastic exoskeleton forms directly onto a lightweight breathable fabric. The compression of a soft ankle brace and stability of a stirrup ankle brace provide freedom and support. Fits easily into a shoe on the left or right ankle.
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10. Swede-O Ankle Braces

Swede-O ankle braces have figure-eight straps that mimic a professional taping procedure. Seamless arches that fit the contour of the foot and help avoid irritation. Ankle braces fit comfortably in most shoes.
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