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Advocacy And Activism For Arthritis - Raising Awareness Of Arthritis

Bring greater awareness to the issues and concerns of arthritis patients. Take action for change. Lend your voice to advocacy and activism.
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How To Become An Arthritis Advocate
Millions suffer with arthritis yet the issues they face get little attention and recognition. Together we can make a difference.

The Arthritis Walk
The Arthritis Foundation is hosting its annual Arthritis Walk across the country to raise funds. Join in the fun and raise awareness.

Improving Lives Through Advocacy
Advocate Donna Fox offers insight into arthritis advocacy.

How To Write Letters To Congress
People who think members of Congress pay little or no attention to constituent mail, are plain wrong. Concise, well thought out personal letters are one of the most effective ways of influencing law-makers. But, members of Congress get hundreds of letters and emails every day. Whether you choose to use the Postal Service or email, here are some tips that will help your letter have impact.

How To Write Letters To Elected Officials
Letters from constituents are very important to elected officials, but they get thousands of them every day. Here are some tips to help your letters get attention -- and action.

The Arthritis Foundation - What's It All About?
The Arthritis Foundation has a mission to prevent, control, and cure arthritis.

May Is National Arthritis Month
The month of May has been proclaimed "National Arthritis Month". As with any signified day or month, the goal is increased awareness and action

ACR: Advocates for Arthritis Program
The ACR has a network of ACR members and patients who are constituents of key legislators in the U.S. Congress. Network members are apprised of important votes taking place in Congress which affect patient care, the practice of rheumatology, and federal funding of rheumatology research.

Contacting the Congress
Contacting the Congress is a very up-to-date database of congressional contact information.

The Invisible Disabilities Advocate - IDA
The Invisible Disabilities Advocate was designed to help friends and family develop a better understanding of disabling illness and injury.

Senators By State
Directory of United States Senators and contact information, from senate.gov.

Write Your Representative - Contact Your Congressperson
Identify and write your Congressperson in the U.S. House of Representatives by selecting your state and entering your zip code, from house.gov.

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