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Love, Sex, And Arthritis

Don't let illness take the life out of living.


Updated December 20, 2009

People who live with chronic arthritis face pain, disability, and limitation on a daily basis. However, they still must live their best life and as close to "normalcy" as possible.

What happens when people who live with chronic arthritis are sick and tired of being sick and tired? How can they rise above it? How can they enjoy normal aspects of life, when they feel pummeled by their disease?

Feeling good about yourself and feeling close to the one you love is very important. Rising above those feelings of being sick and tired to feelings of being loved, valued, and comforted is vital.

Don't let arthritis take the life out of living. The saying goes, love is in the air. Feel intoxicated by that air. Then incorporate those positive, loving feelings into your life. Make it a way of life. Old memories will strum your heartstrings while you create new, loving memories.

"I Have Arthritis": When is it the best time to tell?
Socializing and meeting new people can be intimidating for young adults with arthritis. Would a frank discussion about arthritis with a new friend put them at ease or make them feel burdened?

Arthritis And Sexuality
Sex is a pleasurable expression of love and intimacy. The pain and limitations from chronic arthritis can interfere but the complications can be overcome.

The Soothing Power Of Snuggling
People with arthritis want to be touched but their pain may make them fear it. Touching gives a person the sense of being cared about and cared for, comforted and soothed.

In Sickness And In Health
The words "in sickness and in health" have been promised within exchanged marriage vows innumerous times. The words are spoken with devotion and good intention. When chronic illness strikes, difficulties develop which are so complex that statistics show nearly 85% of marriages faced with these challenges eventually fail.

How Arthritis Complicates Sexuality
Pain, stiffness, limited mobility, and fatigue due to arthritis make life a challenge at times. It also can make sex a challenge, rather than pure pleasure. Much can be done though to ease the difficulties and bring the joy back into sex.

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