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Arthritis Foundation - What's It All About?

A Charity With a Vital Mission


Updated April 13, 2012

The Arthritis Foundation Logo: "Take control. We can help."

The Arthritis Foundation Mission: "To improve lives through leadership in the prevention, control and cure of arthritis and related diseases."

Arthritis Foundation: Committed to Research

The Arthritis Foundation (AF) is the largest private, non-profit contributor to arthritic related research in the world. Their research program complements government and industry-based research by focusing on training new investigators and pursuing innovative strategies for preventing, controlling and curing the over 100 arthritic conditions. The foundation has invested hundreds of millions on research to support more than 2,100 scientists, physicians and health professionals involved in cutting-edge research. Their financial committment to finding a cure cannot be overstated.

Arthritis Foundation: Where Advocacy Is a Priority

More funding is needed to help the 70 million people in the U.S. with arthritic related conditions through research and community programs. The foundation has an established agenda for communicating the needs of people with arthritic conditions to Congress. They are on the front line urging action from the legislators.

Arthritis Foundation: Many Events and Programs

The foundation is committed to the community and hosts various events to promote awareness, raise funds, and facilitate their mission, such as:

Arthritis Foundation: Where Resources Promote Awareness

The Arthritis Today magazine, free brochures, educational videos and books are all offered by the foundation for the purpose of disseminating information and promoting awareness. The various arthritic diseases are plagued by numerous myths and misconceptions. The foundation works to correct these myths and misconceptions by offering quality, accurate information. By educating patients and their families, the foundation helps people gain control over their disease.

Arthritis Foundation: What You Can Do

If you are a person with one of the arthritic conditions, a family member or friend who wishes to offer support, or just someone who believes in their mission, go to the Arthritis Foundation Website to learn more about this vital charity.

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