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Carol Eustice

10 Ways You Can Help a Friend or Loved One With Arthritis

By April 4, 2014

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Arthritis is a tough disease. Chronic pain and physical limitations can get in the way of usual daily activities and what we all consider "normal life". Most people with arthritis could use help -- not all the time, but sometimes. Most absolutely hate to ask for help, even when they realize close friends or family members are more than willing.

It can be hard for people to figure out how to help someone with arthritis. It's not always easy to know what they need most. I have put together a list of 10 ways you can help someone with arthritis. Obviously, how much help they need is tied to disease severity. With that in mind, check out my list and hopefully it will generate even more ideas. Full article: How You Can Help Someone With Arthritis.

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April 5, 2014 at 10:35 am
(1) Leslie V. says:

Hi, Carol,

This is, simply, a wonderful article. Thanks for putting that advice in such an accessible way. If those of us with arthritis can get our friends and relatives to read it–and follow its advice–we’d be so much better off!

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