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Carol Eustice

Certain Sex Positions Help Protect Arthritic Joints

By October 4, 2013

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Joint pain and physical limitations associated with arthritis can affect many aspects of daily living. When the activity is something like cooking or cleaning, there are assistive devices to help or tips people share to make the task doable despite pain and limited range of motion. But, some limitations are more difficult to discuss. For example, sex. Most people tend to keep their sexual activity private, especially if there are problems. Sex is a natural and normal part of a loving, committed relationship. When arthritis intrudes, it should not be ignored.

Joint pain and joint stiffness can affect sexual positioning, making some simply impossible. This is also a consideration after joint replacement surgery when there are restrictions and precautions which must be followed. Here are some charts that suggest appropriate sexual positions for people with arthritis: Positions from Arthritis Research UK and Improbable Research. Still have questions? Don't be shy about taking the chart along and discussing it with your doctor.

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