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Carol Eustice

Can "Text Neck" Turn Into Arthritis?

By February 26, 2013

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Have you noticed that not many people look up anymore? I don't mean up into the clouds, I just mean enough to make eye contact. Most everyone has their head tilted down as they read and send text messages, check their Facebook newsfeed, play Words With Friends, or focus on any favorite app on their smart phone. The problem is, tilting the head excessively is causing neck pain and it has become a common ailment. So common, in fact, it's being referred to as "text neck".

Essentially, it is postural pain caused by strain on the spine as you hold your head, neck, and shoulders in an abnormal position. But, even calling attention to the problem probably won't get you to cut down on the time you spend tilting your head down. If you knew there were long-term effects, such as disc problems, joint pain, or arthritis, would you be more concerned? No one is saying yet whether text neck is an acute or chronic problem. A doctor from the University of Nebraska Medical Center does recommend changing the position of your mobile device periodically, taking frequent breaks from your device, and exercise to strengthen your neck and back muscles.

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Photo by diego cervo (iStockphoto)

February 27, 2013 at 6:38 pm
(1) Sooz says:

“Text neck”? Spare me. Now people with this self-inflicted condition will probably get more attention and more help than those of us who have suffered from arthritis for years.

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