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Cytotoxic drugs are labeled "cytotoxic" because they treat malignancies by directly killing tumor cells. The ability of these drugs to treat arthritis and related conditions may, however, be due to their anti-inflammatory effects as opposed to their ability to kill cells. The three cytotoxic medications typically used to treat the signs and symptoms of arthritis and other rheumatic diseases, include:

According to UW Medicine, the University of Washington Department of Orthopaedics and Sports Medicine Orthopaedic Surgery, cytotoxic drugs are used in the treatment of several forms of arthritis and other conditions, including:

How are cytotoxic drugs used to treat arthritis and other rheumatic diseases? What side effects associated with cytotoxic drugs are common and which are serious? We asked rheumatologist Scott J. Zashin, M.D., to explain more about these medications in What Are Cytotoxic Drugs?

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February 8, 2012 at 5:54 am
(1) rose shanafelt says:

My son has WAIHA and is in prison and cannot get the medical treatments he needs. He ask me to find out what is the most prescribed medication for pain. The medication he gets isn’t helping, he has spent several weeks in a local hospital and has been in ICU several times. He has had several blood transfusions. He said his body feels like someone is burning him all over his body, and is this normal
very concerned parent

December 4, 2012 at 11:46 am
(2) T Colin Campbell says:

I am not a physician but I have been a biomedical researcher and professor for 50+ and 45+ years, respectively. Thus I cannot diagnose personal disorders. I can only comment on the science, largely reported in a national best seller (for 8 successive years) that reports on my many years in research and publishing my results in the very best science journals (I regret having to tell my credentials but it does make a difference).

I also care about your son and his pain. The most amazing and comprehensive treatment for chronic pain and most diseases is a whole food, plant-based diet–very much the opposite that I was accustomed to when I started my career. I have given about 500 lectures, most of them now to medical schools, and have been very impressed with the number of ailments that can be cured/alleviated.

I know that this may sound strange but just try it, if you can under your prison conditions. I would happy to document this for your authorities.

Here it is:

Vegetables (especially lots of greens)
Whole grains
Legumes (beans, peas, etc.)
These foods can be cooked but use them raw, as in salads when you can.

Avoid all dairy, meat, eggs, fried foods, white flour, sugar and added oil/fat.
Make sure to drink enough water (to the point of keeping your urine clear)
It may take a few days, even a few weeks for you to become accustomed to this diet but when you do, you will not want your previous diet. This has worked wonders in so many ways but especially in minimizing/removing pain.
Just try it!

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